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Through years of research and development, DLX has brought to the paintball community one of the best markers ever made. Fast forward a few generations worth of improvements, based on feedback given by players, and you have the all new Luxe Ice paintball gun. The Luxe Ice takes all the great features of the Luxe and refines it even more to bring you the best paintball marker the world has ever seen. The Luxe Ice comes standard with a two-piece 14” barrel that accepts freak barrel inserts, an on/off ASA, clamping feed neck, and OLED Circuit board. As with all Luxes, the Luxe Ice features a hose-less design and tool-less bolt removal system. New features include an entirely redesigned bolt system that reduces operating pressure, even lower than before, to produce the smoothest shot possible. The reduction in operating pressure also greatly improves efficiency, which allows the Luxe Ice to get up to 1500 shots off of a 68/4500 tank. The reduction in operating pressure will result in a much smoother shot at high rates of speed. Keeping your Luxe on target will be even easier than before. The Luxe Ice also sports a newly milled body and frame that shaves weight and the overall profile to make it even more ergonomic and comfortable in your hands. Another new addition is a redesigned regulator and ASA, which have been simplified to make maintenance a breeze. With a great new look, newly redesigned internals, and an already proven platform, the Luxe Ice is destined to win numerous tournaments and carry on the tradition of its predecessors. Don’t miss out on your chance to own a piece of history. Order your Luxe Ice through ActionVillage today.