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Navigating the realm of sporting gear,, a distinguished online retailer specializing in paintball, airsoft, and tactical gear, embarked on a transformative journey with MAKDigital. With a history dating back to 1998, ActionVillage commands respect within the industry. Striving for heightened resilience and adaptability, they chose MAKDigital for a meticulous Volusion to BigCommerce migration, leading to an enduring partnership. Join us as we unravel the narrative of revolutionizing their eCommerce landscape, where innovation meets user-centric design in the dynamic world of sporting gear.

BigCommerce Development Services

Platform Migration

Our collaboration with commenced with a strategic analysis of their existing eCommerce framework. Recognizing the limitations of their previous Volusion platform, we embarked on a transformative journey, migrating their operations to BigCommerce. This pivotal decision laid the groundwork for a resilient and adaptive eCommerce landscape.

Integration of Third-Party Solutions

Understanding the intricate needs of ActionVillage, we seamlessly integrated advanced solutions, including Avalara tax management, Rewind data backups, Searchanise Search, Sezzle order financing, Shipper HQ, reviews, BigCommerce eCommerce Platform, Bolt Checkout, Jusper ERP, and Metafields manager by Space48. These integrations fortified their eCommerce infrastructure and enriched their operational efficiency.

Custom Templates and Webpages

The metamorphosis of ActionVillage's website started with a vision to go beyond the constraints of their previous design. Through meticulous Art Direction, Web Design, UI Design, and UX Design, we crafted custom templates for Home, Category, Product, My Account, Contact Us, About Us, and Gift Certificate. Each template was thoughtfully designed to enhance user engagement and convey the essence of ActionVillage's brand.

Custom Features and Functionality

Our journey involved creating a custom tailored BigCommerce experience for ActionVillage. A complex data migration from Volusion to BigCommerce laid the foundation for a new, sleek, and optimized website. Custom builds, widgets for mobile navigation and mega navigation, integration with Sezzle and, and a backorder feature utilizing metadata fields showcased our commitment to elevating their eCommerce performance.

BigCommerce Design Services

Redesign Strategy

The redesign of ActionVillage's BigCommerce website design wasn't merely about aesthetics; it was a profound evolution. To address challenges in user experience and conversion rates, our Art Direction and Web Design teams reshaped the site's visual identity. The migration from Volusion to BigCommerce became the cornerstone of this transformation.

Custom Design & Branding

Collaborating closely with ActionVillage, utilizing expert web design we transformed their eCommerce platform into a modern, sleek, and engaging interface. Inspired by their focus on paintball, airsoft, and tactical gear, our redesign focused on creating a visually captivating website that aligned with contemporary eCommerce essentials.

Responsive Design

Recognizing the importance of a seamless user experience across devices, we optimized the site for mobile usage. The responsive design ensured that visitors could effortlessly navigate through ActionVillage's offerings on various devices.

BigCommerce SEO Services

On-Page SEO Optimization

Elevating ActionVillage's online visibility was a pivotal aspect of our collaboration. Through on-page SEO optimizations, we strategically implemented targeted meta tags and keywords. This meticulous approach aimed to enhance ActionVillage's position in search engine results, facilitating easier discovery for their potential customers.

User Experience and Conversion Improvement

Beyond design, our focus extended to user experience and conversion improvements. We strategically proposed additional sales opportunities to customers during their shopping journey. The implementation of 'Quick View' and 'Compare' features across all site pages enhanced the overall shopping experience. Category and product pages were revamped to display information in an easy-to-read format, ensuring a seamless flow from homepage to checkout.

Customer Reviews and Star Ratings Integration

Building trust and credibility were at the core of our redesign strategy. Integration of customer reviews and star ratings not only fostered lasting loyalty but also contributed to ActionVillage's position as a premier online retailer in the sporting gear industry.


In collaboration with MAKDigital, has not just undergone a website transformation but a paradigm shift in the online sporting gear shopping experience. Through meticulous BigCommerce Development, Design, and SEO services, we have fortified ActionVillage's digital presence, elevating their platform to resonate with the needs of passionate aficionados and seasoned experts alike. The amalgamation of cutting-edge technology, responsive design, and strategic SEO enhancements has resulted in a digital storefront that goes beyond transactions – it fosters an immersive journey for their customers., now armed with a sleek and optimized BigCommerce website, stands as a beacon in the sporting gear industry, a testament to the collaborative journey we've embarked upon to redefine their online retail legacy.

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