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"The Planet Eclipse Geo CS2 is here!

Included inside is a Shaft FL barrel system consisting of two backs and a 14.5” carbon fiber tip. Barrel backs come in bore sizes .681 & .689 to cover a wide variety of paint. Additional Shaft FL barrel backs can be purchased separately to cover additional sizes.

The CS2 adjustable Rake Blade trigger is interchangeable and fully customizable with numerous adjustments points. The trigger frame is also new and features a slightly different angle than previous Eclipse gun models. Not only is the angle of the grip frame changed but the profile has been slimmed down to provide better ergonomics.

Tool-less battery replacement is achievable through the non-slip rubberized foregrip/battery cover. Unlike most paintball guns, the Geo CS2 is powered by 2 AA batteries. Other tool-less features include a never seen before two piece wrap around grip system that locks and unlocks with ease, quick release eye covers, and a quick release bolt system. Taking care of your Geo CS2 after a hard day of playing is easier and faster than ever before.

The Planet Eclipse Geo CS2 introduces the innovative GP Core Drivetrain. The GP Core Drivetrain changes the game entirely. Tournament players can rejoice in knowing that their gun is now capable of shooting any paint, even in freezing temperatures without that expected ball break from brittle paintballs.

An SL5 Inline Regulator located in the grip frame feeds the marker with consistent air flow and at a recharge rate that can keep up with ludicrous rates of fire without any shot drop off.

Order your Planet Eclipse Geo CS2 marker today through Action Village!"