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If you want the largest selection of Flip Skateboards in the world then look no further than the huge selection available at Actionvillage.

Flip skateboard decks are available from the small/mini sizes all the way up to the 8.75 for bigger riders with some huge feet. Small and Mini will range anywhere from 6.75 for either youth or children up through about 7.5 which is typically used by younger teen skaters with feet smaller than size 9. Flip skateboards in sizes 7.75 through 8.25 are the most common for young teens all the way through adults. Typically someone skating a deck in this size will be size 9 shoes through 11.5-12 or more technical trick riders.

Standard or P2 construction. Pretty much every Flip skateboard deck is available in either of these two versions. All of the Flip Decks on the site either have P2 in the title or don't. If there is no P2 in the title, then the deck is a standard 7 ply Canadian Maple construction. If the deck is marked at P2, that typically means that you will be getting an ultra re-inforced deck for roughly 5-10 bucks more than a standard deck. Flip P2 skateboards use a super thin 6-ply maple base with a kevlar and fiber maple insert. Surrounding the maple insert is a thin veneer to keep the deck built for the toughest skaters.

On a quick tour through the NHS Fun Factory R&D lab, we got a first hand look at what makes the Flip P2 skateboards have the spring loaded pop that they do. The Patented P2 technology uses a special Keflar oval insert that was engineered into the top level veneer. Under high level of tension, the kevlar generates more stored energy than a standard maple veneer. That is what gives the P2 decks their spring loaded pop and feel. They even created a special deck testing machine to simulate the stress that real world conditions place on a skateboard deck. There is a front clamp that simulates the pressure of a skaters front foot. There is a anvil over the tail of the deck that weighs 85 pounds and the machine drops the weight from 8 inches. The test machine is hooked directly to a computer and measures how high the anvil goes back up. The more stored energy in the tail of the P2 Flip Skateboards, the higher the anvil goes.

When browsing through our selection of Flip skateboards you will see some of the best prices you have ever seen in the world. Starting with a price tag of roughly $28.95, our offering is second to none. What’s the difference between our $50-$60 Flip Decks? Nothing besides the graphics. New graphics are released quarterly for the Flip skateboard decks

Feature Flip Skateboards team riders include Tom Penny, David Gonzalez, Luan Olivera, Arto Saari, Lance Mountain, Rune Glifberg, Bob Burnquish, Louie Lopez, Curren Caples, Alec Majerus and Matt Berger.

Quick history of Flip Skateboards - The company is co-owned by two professional skateboarders (Geoff Rowley and Jeremy Fox). While they run a lot of the business, they have an exclusive US liscensing agreement in place with NHS which owns and distributes other staple brands including Santa Crus, Indepenent, Creature and Krux. Originally Flip Skateboards was located in the UK but eventually in 1994 made its way to the sunny state of California. At the time, the team had four pro riders and the brand needed more support in its key USA market so the move was made.

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