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GoG Paintball Greese - 1 oz.

GoG Paintball

Product Code: GOGGREESE1OZ


Check out the all new GoG Paintball Greese that is in stock now! The GoG Greese is a great lubricant that is moisture resistant and effective between -100 to 400 degrees. GoG Greese is a silicone based grease and works great on all paintball guns, barrels, o-rings and air systems. Order your GoG Greese today and keep your paintball gear in great shape. This package of GoG Paintball Greese is a 1 ounce container of grease that will last you for years. Note: Bolt not included with GoG paintball grease and is only show for illustration purposes.

  • GoG Greese Silicone Lubricant
  • Works between -100 & 400 Degrees
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