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Welcome to the home of the new Eclipse Gtek 170R series of paintball guns. Packed with the latest performance and technology the 170R should be an option for a high end gun that fits everything you need. ActionVillage is the worlds largest paintball store and offers the best possible pricing on all paintball gear.

The all new Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R!

Get your wallets open because this is one gun you don’t want to pass up. The all new Gtek 170R features an all aluminum construction, toolless bolt removal, spool valve operation, hoseless air transfer system, gamma core drivetrain, toolless breech sensor access, toolless battery access, a low-rise clamping feed neck, an integrated SL6 inline regulator, POPS ASA, 14.5” two piece Shaft 5 barrel and more!

The difference between mid-range paintball guns and high-end paintball guns is diminishing with the introduction of guns such as the Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R. The Gtek 170R comes standard with an OLED board that features Semi and ramping firing modes in capped and uncapped. The OLED board also provides a shot counter, game timer and rate of fire indicator!

The two-piece 14.5” Shaft 5 barrel is cocker threaded and can be interchanged with other shaft4/shaft5 barrels. We expect you won’t be upgrading your barrel as the Shaft 5 provides highly accurate shots. Combined with the Gamma Core Drivetrain, the Gtek 170R is one of the most accurate guns on the market. Feed the Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R some tournament grade paint and really take advantage of the accuracy at high rates of fire that the Gtek 170R can put out.

Not only is the Gtek 170R loaded with performance features, but the gun is also extremely user friendly. By redesigning the internals of the marker, Planet Eclipse has been able to simplify the design allowing users to disassemble and clean their gun faster and easier. Now you can quickly run through your gun and clean it out or swap batteries in between games without having to miss an entire match! Stay on the field longer and enjoy playing instead of maintaining your gun.

The Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R is available for pre-order today at ActionVillage.com!

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