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Warrior Spyder Electric Roller Trigger - Silver


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The New Warrior Spyder trigger is made by players, for players. This is one of the most comfortable triggers on the market and will get you those insane rates of fire. This trigger is compatible with all older model Electronic Spyders or Electronic Spyder frames except for the Rocking trigger. This trigger has 2 built in roller bearings for a smooth crisp trigger pull. There are also adjustments to increase or decrease your trigger pull. Imagine, you will be able to fire the gun with a trigger pull less than 1mm. This trigger has both forward and rear trigger stops to customize your trigger pull and make your marker shoot like you want it to. Note: This Trigger will not fit the RS/VS Series of markers and it will not fit the Pilot/Electra w/ Eye. It will fit older model Pilots.


  • Machined From Light Weight Aluminum
  • Durable Design
  • Compatible With All E Spyder (except rocking trigger)
  • Easy To Install
  • Allows For Higher Rates Of Fire
  • Adjust The Length Of Your Trigger Pull
  • Forward Trigger Stop
  • Rear Trigger Stop
  • 2 Roller Bearings For Smooth Trigger Pull

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