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Warrior Ion G Lock Clamping Feed Neck Low Rise - Blue




The New Warrior G Lock feed neck is a great addition for any Ion/Epiphany marker. The feed neck is easily installed on the marker by removing the stock feed neck. The Warrior feed neck screws into place and securely holds any hopper from a small neck Revolution to a large neck Halo. The new and improved adjustable clamping arm holds the hopper into place and will prevent it from falling out or rotating. This is a must have for any player who wants to have the best gear and the least trouble on the field. The new G lock style feed neck features a longer locking arm which makes it easier to clamp your loader into place. On top of that, a gnarled clamping surface was machined to better hold the loader.

  • New G Lock Leaver Arm
  • Gnarled Clamp Surface To Better Hold Your Loader
  • Machined From Light Weight 6061 Aluminum
  • Durable Design
  • Adjustable Cam Locking System
  • Securely Fits All Hoppers On The Market

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