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Warrior Halo Aluminum Rip Drive Kit - Red


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The New Warrior Halo Rip Drive Kit is a great upgrade for any Hopper.̴Ì_ The kit is machined from a very durable 6061 aluminum and will stand up to the tests of time.̴Ì_ The rip drive is easily installed on your loader and will help to keep you in the game longer.̴Ì_ Once this kit is installed on your loader you will be able to manually load paintballs when your batteries die.̴Ì_ The Rip Drive Kit is also great to have when you get a jam in your loader.̴Ì_ Just twist the wheel and keep shooting because your jam will be cleared! ̴Ì_

This is the complete kit which includes the Aluminum Wheel, Aluminum Post and C-clips.

This Rip Drive Kit is compatible with all Halo A, Halo B, Halo B w/ Rip Drive, Reloader B, and Reloader B2 hoppers.

Best of all, this rip drive kit cone comes with a complete lifetime warranty!

  • 6061 Aluminum
  • Fixes Jams On The Field
  • Loads Paint When Batteries Die
  • Easy To Install
  • Great Color Selection
  • Lifetime Warranty

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