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Valken V-Max 2 Paintball Loader - V-Cam


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While the VMAX was a good start, Valken is ready to give you more. The design team at Valken listened to your feedback and we set two huge goals for the VMAX2. The first goal was to design a loader that outperforms all the current loaders on the market on multiple levels. The second goal was to make the loader available to you for a fraction of the current tournament loader price. We did it; the design team surpassed both of the goals and we are proud to introduce the new Valken VMAX2̴Ì_

The new Valken VMAX2 is a tournament ready tool-less loader. With high feed rates, it‰ۡó»s faster than any other loader on the market. The feed paddles have been reengineered for a more powerful & efficient flow of paint into your gun. We kept the same low profile, lightweight, and durable shell design. Consistent with the VMAX model, jams are still a non-issue. The best part of it all, it‰ۡó»s only $99.95. The Valken VMAX2 paintball loader ‰ۡÌÝÌÕ BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER!

  • Tournament ready & tool-less
  • New improved motor with higher speeds
  • 6 blade feed paddle with lifting paddle technology
  • Low profile, light weight durable shell design
  • The most reliable paintball loader
  • Capacity : 220 rounds

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