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Tippmann Crossover XVR Barrel Kit - Black (T235005)




The Tippmann Crossover XVR barrel kit is ready to make you eliminate more opponents! The XVR paintball barrel kit comes with three control bores in .680, .684 and .688 to handle modern paint sizes, with a longer bore length to maximize velocity and efficiency without sacrificing accuracy. The heavily ported front features half-length porting for the quietest shot possible. The XVR comes with a compact nylon case to safely store your barrel kit without scratching gear in the rest of your kit bag.

  • 4 Piece 15" Barrel Kit
  • One Ported Barrel Front
  • Three Sizers - 0.680, 0.684, and 0.688 with A5 Threads
  • Protected in a Padded Nylon Case with Handle, Interior Barrel Straps and Pocket, and Heavy Duty Zipper

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