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Tippmann A5 F.O.G. AR-15 Foregrip w/ Rails




We don't mess around! Special Ops is synonymous with high quality, and the F.O.G Foregrips are just that, HIGH QUALITY. F.O.G. Foregrips allow you to easily modify your Tippmann A-5 without the use of tools or spending a lot of money. This realistic AR15 version of our F.O.G. Foregrip provides a great mil-sim look without the use of set-screws, compression rings, or adapter sleeves that scar your expensive barrels. Constructed from machined aluminum and glass-filled nylon, this durable hand guard/grip is not only built to look great, but also to withstand the rigors of the most demanding woodsball play.

F.O.G Technology:
No more set screws! Special Ops is not a proponent of set screws where they are unnecessary. F.O.G. Foregrips utilize the great design of the Tippmann A-5's barrel receiver for enhanced stability. Just like Tippmann's Flatline Barrel, our F.O.G. Foregrips lock into the A-5 front receiver with a firm twist. Your barrel then free-floats down the center of the F.O.G. Inner Shaft and threads into the F.O.G. Receiver Stub of the F.O.G. Foregrip.

Receiver Stub
Inner Shaft
AR15 Shroud
AR15 Shroud End Cap
(2) Weaver Rails w/screws
Comes pre-assembled.

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