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Tippmann 4+3+2 Pro Series Paintball Harness - Camo




The Tippmann 4+3+2 Pro Series Paintball Harness is perfect for the fast player on the speedball or woodsball field. The Tippmann Pro Series harness holds four pods in the rigid formed pod pouches, plus up to five more in the elastic hanger loops. The comfortable, no-slip padded back is held by a dual elastic waist wrap system for superior fit, support and hold. Large rubber pull tabs and elastic pod ejectors make grabbing a pod smooth and easy.

  • Rigid Pod Sleeves
  • Strong Rubber Pull Tabs
  • 3 Additional Elastic Pod Sleeves And 2 Bonus Side Holders
  • Elastic Pod ejectors
  • Non-Slip Back Panel
  • Body Wrap Securely Fits 28"-46" Waist

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