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Style Supply S2 Punisher Paintball Pants - Black




The S2 Punisher Pants are one of the lightest Pants on the market. With a total weight of 790grams (size XL) the S2 Punisher will keep you comfortable at all times. Punish the competition! We made these pants with 2 things in mind: Function and Style. The Adjustable waist and anti slip belt allow you to wear these pants without a belt, however, if you still feel like you do need one, we have attached belt loops. The Fly area is padded to protect the crown jewels or other sensitive areas. All logos are embroidered, all seems are double stitched and made to last. The microfibre which is attached to the right smart pocket will give u that last second edge when you are at the start base ready to go and your google need a cleanse. The pocket zippers close upwards which prevents loosing things like barrelsocks or chrony tools. The Punisher Pants are made from very light and durable material. The huge knee padding will protect your legs and knees in all situations. Protection is most important kids ! These pants will not give up on you. Are very special feature we have added is that the inner liner of the pants only reaches half way down the pants so the velcro on your pads does not get caught up in it to ruin your style.

  • Weight: 790g (size XL)
  • Padded Fly area
  • Adjsutable weist
  • Belt Loops
  • Anti Slip Inside Belt
  • Smart Pockets with built in micro fibre
  • Huge venting areas
  • Huge ergonomic knee padding
  • 4 Squeegee pockets

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