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Stiffi Switch Carbon Fiber Barrel Kit 14" - Yellow Mamba




Now available with the Mamba barrel. At 14 feet, the Black Mamba snake is renowned, respected, and feared thought its African homeland as being the World's deadliest snake, which inspired the new line of Stiffi Mamba Barrels. There is no defense against a Mamba! Mamba Switch Kit Includes: 1 - Barrel (12", 14", or 16") 4 - Sizing Breeches (.687, .689, .691, .693) 1 - Rugged Cordura Barrel Case (Case has 4-5 pockets to hold Sizing Breeches, holds 3 barrels, zippered pouch to hold your extras, 2 outside pockets to hold cleaners or whatever you can think of.)

  • The Stiffi Switch Kit features a one-piece .695 stepped bore carbon fiber barrel with 4 interchangeable Sizing Breeches and a rugged nylon carrying case.
  • Utilizing aerospace quality processing and precision-made carbon fiber or carbon fiber/Kevlar barrel (Mamba Series) with the famous Stiffi proprietary MicroJeweled bore.
  • Sizing Breeches are designed to join concentrically to the barrel, giving you consistency for incredible accuracy.
  • Test results show the same remarkable low sound output that Stiffi fans have raved about for years.
  • You get the same Stiffi quality and accuracy‰ۡÌÝ_.PLUS interchangeability
  • The Stiffi Switch is a Tournament level barrel
  • The zippered Switch carrying case has room for 3 barrels and 5 Sizing Breeches.

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