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SP Shocker XLS - Slime/Slime/Black




The all new Shocker XLS gun is here! Built off the already highly performing RSX platform, the XLS takes paintball gun performance to a whole new level!

Improvements include optimized performance, refined ergonomics, trigger system refinements, an air source adapter redesign, upgraded hardware, and sealed power. SP built the RSX to be a player’s gun and they continued the tradition here with the Shocker XLS gun. After numerous players’ feedback, SP hit the drawing board and made refinements to make the perfect marker and here it is.

An extended grip frame relocates the regulator forward to expand the trigger guard as well as create room for a secure grip around the regulator. A standard grip cover for the regulator helps control the marker and offers a comfortable feel for the user. A large thumb-wheel feedneck makes tightening and loosening a breeze without tools necessary! The Freak XL Barrel provides the most accuracy possible with the spiral ported All American barrel front that has been around for many years.

For just $899.95, the Shocker XLS gun is the complete package. The Shocker XLS Paintball gun comes with an XLS Carbon Fiber Patterned Fitted Gun Case, Freak XL All American Ported Freak Barrel Tip, Freak XL Barrel Back, .687 Freak XL Insert, Factory Lubricant & Spare Parts Kit, SP Regulator Cover, SP FeedTube Thumb-Wheel, SP Shocker Barrel Bag, and required tools for service.

Available in 10 colors: Black, Stone, Pewter, Clear, Blue, Teal, Red, Pink, Purple, and Slime.




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