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Rufus Dawg Tippmann A5 Bottle Drop System - Black




Rufus Dawgs Tank Drop System is an innovative and stylish upgrade for your paintball marker. The system relocates your tank adapter (ASA) forward and down to improve the balance and feel of your marker. The system includes 2 parts, (Drop Section and Bottom Mount) and Stainless Steel Flat Head Screws. You can use this drop system with or without the lower dovetail mount! Use the lower mount if you need the dovetail with your ASA, leave it off if you don't. NOTE: You can not use your original Air Source Adaptor (ASA) with this Tank Drop. It will require a standard ASA or a Dovetail Mount ASA. Description: All aluminum construction Two piece option works with or without dovetail Maximum fit potential!Black color is professionally anodized Other colors available special order Made in USA by Rufus Dawg

  • Powder coated aluminum construction.

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