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Propper Tac U Combat Shirt - A-TACS FG




The TAC.U Combat Shirt is Propper's latest addition to the TAC.U line. The combat shirt features a half-zip front with loop fastener for nametape on back of the collar, a fully articulated elbow with external elbow pad openings, integrated dual cuff with thumb hole and hook and loop fasteners, multiple dual layer pockets on sleeves and a double layer stretch shoulder with shoulder pad pockets.

Battle Rip - 65/35 Poly/ Cotton Ripstop (sleeves)

Tactical uniform fabrics must be comfortable, durable and have excellent color integrity. To achieve this criteria, Propper is proud to provide Battle Rip. This is an all-season weight, 65% polyester / 35% cotton fabric manufactured in a ripstop weave. Battle Rip is our fabric of choice for the public safety community. The torso on this product is made with 60% cotton/ 40% polyester knit fabric.

Sizing Chart

Sizeí«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_Chestí«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_Heightí«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_Sleeve
XSRí«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_29-32í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_67-71í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_22 3/8
SSí«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_33-36í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_63-67í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_21 5/8
SRí«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_33-36í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_67-71í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_22 5/8
SLí«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_33-36í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_71-75í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_23 5/8
MSí«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_37-40í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_63-67í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_21 7/8
MRí«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_37-40í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_67-71í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_22 7/8
MLí«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_37-40í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_71-75í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_23 7/8
LSí«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_41-44í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_63-67í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_22 1/8
LRí«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_41-44í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_67-71í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_23 1/8
LLí«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_41-44í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_71-75í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_24 1/8
XLRí«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_45-48í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_67-71í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_23 3/8
XLLí«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_45-48í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_71-75í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_24 3/8
XXLRí«í_í«í_ í«í_49-52í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_67-71í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_23 5/8
XXLLí«í_í«í_ í«í_49-52í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_71-75í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_24 5/8
3XLRí«í_í«í_ í«í_53-56í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_67-71í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_23 7/8
3XLLí«í_í«í_ í«í_53-56í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_71-75í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_24 7/8
4XLRí«í_í«í_ í«í_57-60í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_67-71í«í_í«í_ í«í_í«í_í«í_ í«í_24

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