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Porte Battery Balance Charger Plus For LiPo/Li-Ion Battery Packs




Lipo/LiIon Battery Balance Charger (2-3 Cells)

3 Kinds of Charging Methods: Trickle Charging Current, Constant Charging Current, and Constant Voltage
Function of Protection Against Short Circuit
Single End LED Real-Time Indicators To Show Charging and Full Charged Status of Battery Pack
Check The Voltage of Any Size of LiPo/LiIon Battery Pack With 2-3 Cells Balance Plug
Measure Battery Up To 3 Cells At One Time
Super Bright 3 Digit LED Display
Display At An Interval of One Second
Stylish Design With Convenient Port
Charge Battery Pack with Combination of 2-3 Cells
Charging Current: Constant 1.0A
Built-In Auto Switching Transformer Input 100-240v AC
Cell Voltage Display Resolution: 0.01V

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