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Planet Eclipse Shaft Pro Barrel Tip - Red


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The Eclipse Shaft Pro Barrel Tip was designed in collaboration with some of the worldäóÁ—Ès top pro paintball players. The Eclipse Shaft Pro Barrel Tip has been designed to pick up less paint or äóÁí_í?rubäóÁ—? from bunkers keeping the ports clear and the barrel firing optimally, also it looks awesome! The new porting configuration also helps to reduce the sound signature of your marker. For the purist, hook the Barrel Tip up with the Eclipse Shaft FR (äóÁí_í?Freak ReadyäóÁ—?) Barrel Back so you can use äóÁí_í?FreakäóÁ—? inserts to customise bore size. But it also works with all current Shaft4 backs.

  • Angular finished design picks up less paint/rub, keeps porting clear.
  • Design compliments the Eclipse Shaft FR Barrel Back
  • Compatible with Shaft4 and Shaft FR Backs
  • Material : Aluminium
  • Length : 185.4mm (7.3äóÁí__) includes thread
  • äóÁí_í?FreakäóÁ—? inserts sold separately. Shaft FR barrel backs MUST have a Freak insert to operate.

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