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Planet Eclipse Geo CSR Gun - Light Trooper




In the mold of the SL Lines that came before it, the Geo CSR paintball gun is a heavily modified variant of the current headline Eclipse marker. Based on the CS1, it has bespoke machined components and custom accessories that can only be found on the Geo CSR gun. The frame, body, POPS assembly, bonnet, and eye covers are all unique to this marker. The Geo CSR marker has also been chosen to showcase a completely new barrel system in the Shaft FL. Manufactured in partnership with the world's leading carbon fibre barrel specialist, Deadlywind, the Shaft FL combines decades of barrel manufacturing know-how to produce an incredibly light, efficient, and consistent barrel system.

The Lightweight form of the Shaft FL Barrel has been carried through to the rest of the Geo CSR where weight reduction has been a primary focus. Tipping the scales at under 2lbs it comes in at a noticeable 100g or 3.5oz lighter than the standard CS1. A difference that can really be felt in the hand.

But above anything else, the Geo CSR Brings that Exclusivity that so many crave. Produced in limited numbers and over a limited period of time it's an object of engineering beauty and desire that only a lucky few will ever get to experience.

Will you be one of those lucky few?

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