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Planet Eclipse Geo 3.1 Paintball Gun - Silver/Sandstone


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Smooth, quiet and utterly devastating. The Geo3.1 epitomizes everything that is great about a spool valve single tube paintball marker. That it also offers exceptional efficiency and the trademark Planet Eclipse virtues of bulletproof reliability and ease of maintenance make it a simply unbeatable package.í«í_

Now in its third generation, the Geo platform has gained huge popularity amongst tournament and woodsball players alike. Speedball players appreciate the way that the very small amount of barrel rise even during ramping allows them to stay on target longer even when firing single-handedly during rapid reloading. And the efficiency giving them the ability to carry enough paint for even the longest of matches. In the woods, the light weight of the Geo3.1 combines with its incredibly quiet sound signature to make it the perfect companion for those extended periods on the field and for taking those shots when you donäóÁ—Èt want to give your position away.
Internally and externally the Geo3.1 utilizes the latest technologies developed by our engineers. The Electronics are fully adjustable via the onboard backlit LCD display and graphical user interface. Or if you prefer, with the optional ePortal kit you can connect the Geo3.1 to your laptop or home PC to adjust parameters, download latest versions of firmware or customize the graphics on the display. Mechanically, the Geo3.1 uses a Custom MAC solenoid valve system that drives the bolt mechanism and controls the filling of the firing chamber. Rather uniquely the speed of the bolt is externally adjustable via a dial on the trigger guard. Selecting a slower bolt speed reduces shot signature and recoil resulting in a soft, quiet shot; where a higher bolt speed will allow devastating rates of fire. The Geo3.1 offers both these options and an infinite range between.
In fact the Geo3.1 is all about giving the user control. For example, there are magnetic and leaf spring trigger return mechanisms as well as micro switch and optical trigger sensing circuits to choose from. Both an all-metal multi-ported bolt and a full rubber-tipped open-face bolt are included with the marker. With so many choices available as standard the user can quickly and easily tailor the feel and performance of the Geo3.1 to their specific requirements and preferences.í«í_
New to the Geo3.1 is the AT Pipe system. First designed and implemented on the Ego LV1, the AT Pipe system removes the need for macroline from the POPS ASA to the inline regulator. Instead air is transferred via the AT Pipe from the frame to the new SL4 inline regulator in a way that allows the marker to still be quickly and easily stripped, cleaned and maintained.í«í_
Also taken from the Ego LV1 are the supremely comfortable frame design with the fully contoured grips and console. These combine with inline regulator grip and crown to produce an incredibly comfortable yet
stable shooting platform. The combination of sticky rubber and contoured design offer exceptional grip in all conditions.í«í_
Of course every single Geo3.1 is constructed using the very best materials possible and meticulously hand built whilst undergoing rigorous inspection and testing at every stage. We do everything possible to ensure that each marker that leaves the facility is as close to perfection as possible.í«í_
But itäóÁ—Ès on the field where the Geo3.1 earns its stripes. And itäóÁ—Ès here were it simply destroys the competition.
í«í_Weight í«í_907g/2.00lb (inc Barrel, Battery, Feed Tube, POPS)í«í_
í«í_Length/Height/Width í«í_540mm (inc Barrel) / 202mm / 31mmí«í_
í«í_Interface í«í_3 Button on frame with tourney lock on PCBí«í_
í«í_Display í«í_Transflective LCD w/ Tru-Color Adjustable backliteí«í_
í«í_Solenoid í«í_5V Custom MAC Solenoid valve
í«í_Processor í«í_3V 16-Bit 16 MIPS
í«í_Power Supply í«í_1 x 9V (PP3) Battery
í«í_E-Portal í«í_Compatible (sold separately)
í«í_ASA Mount í«í_AT POPS
í«í_Trigger í«í_Micro-switch and Break Beam Opto-switch
í«í_Trigger Pivot í«í_Dual instrument ball race units mounted in bearing carrier
í«í_Barrel í«í_2-Piece Micro Honed Shaft4 14.5" Length 0.689" Bore
í«í_Feed Tube í«í_Lever operated Clamping Feed with Sprocket Thumb Wheel
í«í_Materials í«í_6061-T6 Aluminum
í«í_Operating Principle í«í_Spool Valve
í«í_Drive Mechanism í«í_Spring Loaded Drive Core Propshaft and GST Can
í«í_Bolt Mechanism í«í_Spool Cure ST1 and ST2 Bolts

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