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Planet Eclipse Etek 5/Gtek OLED Board Upgrade




The Planet Eclipse Etek 5/Gtek OLED Board Upgrade is an instant upgrade to enhance the programming of your Etek 5/Gtek. The Etek 5/Gtek OLED board upgrade is the first to allow the user to simply plug the OLED display directly into the existing stock board without need for grip, frame or entire circuit board replacement. The bright yet energy efficient OLED permits the user to make fast and intuitive programming changes to marker control parameters, firing modes, dwell, anti-chop sensor status, battery level, shot count and true live balls per second. All semi and ramping firing modes are 100% programmable for compliance with all tournament and scenario event requirements.

Planet Eclipse Etek 5 OLED Screen Upgrade features:

    - Plugs into your existing stock board and grip frame, eliminatingí«í_need for new hardware.

      - Batteryí«í_efficient OLED technology forí«í_a bright view all lighting conditions

        -Fast and intuitiveí«í_menu changes

          - Easier programming for allí«í_marker settingsí«í_including dwell, ROF, firing mode and anti-chop eye sensor sensitivity


            Please note that The Planet Eclipse Etek 5/Gtek OLED Board Upgrade is for the Etek 5 & Gtek only. It will not work on previous Etek models.

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