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Paintball Caddy 1000 Round Loader - Orange




The average í«í_player spills between 100-300 paintballs each time í«í_he or she plays
(pouring from the plastic bag to the pods or hopper or just dropping the bag.)í«í_
The average paintball costs 2 -5 cents per ball. í«í_After using the Paintball Caddy í«í_just 3 to 5 times it more than pays for itself. í«í_You'll save money every time you play. í«í_It is also the perfect storage container. í«í_At the end of the day just pour any left over í«í_paintballs back into the Paintball Caddy for the next time you play.í«í_

The Paintball Caddy holds over 1,100 paintballs and weighs only 1.3 oz when empty.í«í_
It is made from a medical grade plastic, can withstand direct sunlight, and is waterproof. í«í_
It is virtually indestructible on a paintball field. You can kick it, beat it, shoot it, and ití«í_
just keeps on ticking. í«í_The Paint ball Caddy can be left at the edge of the playing field or
kept in the car. The patented "Flow Channel" is made for fast and easy pre game loading. The current record is 840 paintballs in 5.79 seconds without spilling a single ball.í«í_
Under normal situations you probably won't need to load 145 balls per second, but it'sí«í_
nice to know Paintball Caddy will perform well above your expectations.

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