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NXe 2010 Elevation Harness 3+2+2 - Jet Black




Persistent dedication to excellence is what we are all about at NXe; that is why for 2010 we have decided to launch into the new decade with our first significant overhaul to the Elevation Series Harness. One of the hardest things to do is make a product that is already at the forefront of an industry in function, design, and value... EVEN BETTER. That being said, this is exactly what we have done for our next generation of the Elevation Series Harness.

  • First Ever 3D Engineered Advanced Techni-Grab Pull Tabs
    åÊ- Shaped and textured to fit the profile of thumb/finger to allow for the quickest possible release of pods
  • Next Generation State-Of-The-Art Body Wrap System
    åÊ- 4 Piece adjustable body wrap belt [24"-52"]
    åÊ- NEW Ergonomically correct Advanced Grip-Tech [aGT] back panel lifts overall comfort to the next level
    åÊ- NEW Slim-form contoured profile provides superior mobility and rnage of motion, while eliminating "digging" corners
  • S2 Technology
    åÊ- Friction reduced pod ejection system w/ non-slip elastic ejector
  • Specially Selected Elevation Nylons
    åÊ- Guarantee maximum durability and ultimate style
  • Ergonomically Enhanced Newly Designed Front Closure
    åÊ- Provides superior comfort, ease of use and style

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