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MADBULL .25 4000 BIO BBs




One of the most popular BBs out in the market, it's as close to a perfect 6.00mm as you can get. The Madbull 0.25g BBs come in bags of 4000 rounds. Mad bull has made a name for themselves with the quality of their wide range of airsoft parts and accessories. These Madbull BBs are constructed from Biodegradable material and go through a multi-polish process to remove any imperfections. The precise craftsmanship of the 5.98 diameter make these BBs accurate without the jamming and smashing that can occur with lesser BBs. And, to alleviate any worries during shipping these BBs feature a double seal package to insure they arrive sealed and intact.

  • Manufacturer: Madbull Airsoft
  • Dimensions: 5.98 mm
  • Quantity: 4000 BBs per bag
  • Design: All electric guns, high power spring guns, gas guns

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