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JT E-Icon Paintball Gun Mega Kit




The JT E-Icon Paintball Gun Mega Kit is a complete, ready to play paintball set. The JT E-Icon is simple and easy to use and maintain. The electronic trigger allows fast firing rates of up to 10 balls per second, able to switch from Semi Automatic, 3 Round Burst, or Full Auto. The kit comes with a continuous agitation electronic hopper to prevent paintballs from jamming and a color matched JT Raptor paintball goggle. The .68 caliber E-Icon arrives with a one time use 90 gram CO2 cylinder and will accept all CO2 and HPA paintball tanks.

JT E-Icon Paintball Gun Mega Kit Mega Kit Includes: E-Icon Marker, Color Matching JT Overdrive Electronic Loader and Raptor Goggle, 100 Paintballs, Prefilled Single Use 90 gram CO2, Squeegee and Barrel Cover.

  • Tournament style electronic marker
  • Fire rate up to 10 bps
  • 3 firing modes: semi auto, 3-round burst, and full auto
  • Color changing trigger indicates firing mode

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