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Invert Halo Too Rip Drive Kit (38946)




The Halo Too is the hottest new loader from Invert Paintball. Nothing can match its performance for the price, but adding the Rip Drive Kit can enhance its operation and offer more functions than ever before. The Rip Drive easily clears ball jams and can advance the ball stack while the loader is off. This can be useful if your batteries die while playing or when at the chrono station where only a few balls are needed. The Rip Drive can also reverse the stack, which can make unloading paintballs at the end of play much easier. Take the highest value loader in paintball and increase its performance with the Rip Drive Kit from Invert Paintball.

  • Fits Halo Too loader
  • Advances balls without need for power
  • Clears jams easily
  • Reverses ball stack
  • Kit contains thumbwheel, drive shaft and E-clips
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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