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HK Army Epic Prophecy Speed Feed - Neon


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The Epic Speed Feed has been engineered to deliver what many have tried but have continuously failed...the ability to have both fast fills and no spills. Utilizing precise measurements and advanced materials the Epic delivers the perfect blend for the player. Paint will easily load pod after pod while being resistant enough to keep the paint within the loader. Beyond the design of the feed system, the Epic is built using a shatter resistant thermoplastic resin. A true feed system that will work always and last forever.

Order Your HK Army Epic Speed Feed Today.

  • ̴Ì_Available for all Loaders
  • ̴Ì_Fast Fills, No Spills


  • ̴Ì_Large Teeth to Cover More Surface Area
  • ̴Ì_Made of Shatter Resistant, Thermo-Resin Plastic
  • ̴Ì_Removable Rain Lid
  • ̴Ì_Six Color Options

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