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Hater Sauce V2 Small Lube




Hater Sauce Lube Super Slick Design - Hater Sauce sports the slickest consistency of any lubricant used in paintball markers today. In most markers, the user can dramatically reduce the LPR pressure of their marker when using Hater Sauce WITHOUT dropoff! Such a reduction in LPR pressure greatly reduces kick of the marker which allows a more stable marker setup. This also allows Hater Sauce to give your more shots per fill.

Hater Sauce Stays Where You Put It - Hater Sauce does not become runny, which means you will have to lube their markers less.

Hater Sauce Is Designed Specifically For The Sport Of Paintball - HATER Sauce lubricants are the only lubricants designed to meet the demands of todays high performance paintball markers.

If you are looking for a good universal lubricant for any paintball gun, then Hater sauce is a good bet for your paintball gun.

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