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Halo Aluminum Rip Drive Kit - Chrome




The New Halo aluminum Rip Drive Kit is a great upgrade for any Halo/Reloader B Hopper. The kit is machined from a very durable 6061 aluminum and will stand up to the tests of time. The rip drive is easily installed on your loader and will help to keep you in the game longer. Once this kit is installed on your loader you will be able to manually load paintballs when your batteries die. The Rip Drive Kit is also great to have when you get a jam in your loader. Just twist the wheel and keep shooting because your jam will be cleared! ̴Ì_

This is the complete kit which includes the Aluminum Wheel, Aluminum Post and C-clips.

This Rip Drive Kit is compatible with all Halo A, Halo B, Halo B w/ Rip Drive, Reloader B, and Reloader B2 hoppers.

  • 6061 Aluminum
  • Fixes Jams On The Field
  • Loads Paint When Batteries Die
  • Easy To Install

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