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GOG Extcy Virtue Laser Eyes - Green




GOG Extcy Virtue Laser Eyes

  • Virtue Laser Eye Function - Laser Eyes use dual spectrum technology to scan the infrared and visible light spectrums
  • Performance Benefit - The Laser Eye emitter actually draws up to 45% less power than the stock eyes. Virtue Laser Eyes are more battery efficient and also increase performance, especially when your batter is not completely fresh.
  • Laser Eye Reliability - Virtue Laser Eyes are so reliable we confidently back them with a lifetime warranty. In the unlikely event they do fail as a result of a defect, Virtue will replace. Additionally, many gun techs one come to rely on Laser Eyes when diagnosing down guns. If the Laser Eye Emitter is on and working, you know the eyes are working!
  • Enhanced Eye Operation
  • Increased Battery Efficiency
  • Improved Reliability
  • Dual Spectrum Technology: Infrared and Visible Light
  • Glowing Laser Eyes Instantly Confirms Eye Operation
  • Compatible With Stock Board, Virtue Boards, and Most Aftermarket Boards
  • Lifetime Warranty

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