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GI Sportz 68/4500 Compressed Air Paintball Tank - Matte Blue




The GI Sportz 68/4500 Compressed Air Paintball Tank keeps up the pressure to your paintball marker! The GI Sportz 68 cubic inch, 4500 psi HPA tank features a high performance regulator with a dual burst disk system for the safety of you and your paintball gun. This tank has an regulated output of 800 psi, delivering consistent and fast recharging pressure for better accuracy and higher performance in all weather conditions, no matter what marker you are shooting!

*NOTE* The Re-Hydro date on this tank is 02/19. This is the date that these tanks will need to be hydro tested. *NOTE*

  • 68 cubic inch volume
  • 4500 psi rated bottle
  • Dual burst disk system (high and low pressure disks)
  • DOT approved cylinder
  • Five year retest cycle
  • Standard 800 psi output pressure

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