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FogDoc Single Use Anti-Fog Lens Coating




FogDoc now provides a great way to carry single/double use applicators. Throw them in your pocket, gearbag, toolbox, glove box or anywhere you want to make sure you always can see crystal clear!̴Ì_ Just open tip, squeeze, apply and throw away! Just like the big jars, apply and follow up with a micro fiber or polishing cloth.

Stops glasses, goggles, mirrors, shields, lenses and more from fogging. While cleaning the surface to a crystal clear shine. Safe and alcohol free. Increases vision and clarity. Anti-static, dust/dirt repellent. Lasts 5 times as long as other products at half the price!

You can have the best paintball marker, the best motorcycle, the biggest air on the half pipe and a perfect weekend ‰ۡÌÝÌÕ but all of that can be ruined with dirty and or fogged lenses. FogDoc provides the most bang for your buck when you‰ۡó»re out having fun.

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