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Exalt Vitamin O Oil 1oz




Check out the all new Exalt Vitamin O Oil 1oz. The Exalt Vitamin O oil is great for any paintball gun part that requires a quick coat of oil. The long lasting Exalt Vitamin O oil formula is synthetic and will reduce friction and increase o-ring life. When you apply Exalt Vitamin O oil, the oil will adhere to the parts and prevent any type of corrosion or water damage. If you need any type of oil lubricant for your paintball gun then order your Exalt Vitamin O oil today.


  • Designed for all climate use in grease lubricated guns, inline & low pressure regulators
  • Synthetic long lasting formula prevents o-ring wear, swelling and deterioration
  • Provides the lowest coefficient of friction to reduce & eliminate bolt stick & first shot drop off (FSDO)
  • Needle nose cap reduces waste and contamination
  • Note that the Vitamin G is sold separately
  • Exalt Vitamin O Oil 1 FL OZ

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