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Exalt Universal Carbon Goggle Case




Protect your expensive goggle investment! The Exalt Universal Carbon Goggle Case keeps your mask safe and secure at home and in your gear bag. Soft flexible mask frames can get permanently distorted when stored or transported while crushed. The semi rigid front of the Exalt paintball mask case prevents this uncomfortable warping. The mesh top fully ventilates the mask to allow drying. The microfiber lining prevents your costly lenses from getting scuffs and scratches.

  • Universal design allows protection of virtually all high-end goggle systems
  • Heavy-duty compression molded PU carbon construction
  • Ultra-Push microfiber lining prevents and protects against scratching of lenses during transport
  • Rigid laminated exterior protects goggle from being crushed or deformed
  • Micro-mesh back retainer allows airflow to goggle for evaporative drying

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