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Enola Gaye EG18 Smoke Grenade - Blue




The EG18 Assault Smoke Grenade from Enola Gaye has been designed to be the crossover from Paintball/airsoft pyrotechnics into military spec pyro. Whilst this product is still aimed at the airsoft and paintball players of the world, it puts out a massive amount of smoke similar of that to a M18 military smoke grenade. The EG18 has the biggest colour range in its armoury, boasting 9 colours with the latest‰ۡó»s additions Black and Burgundy. Our black smoke is unique, you won‰ۡó»t find another product like it on the planet; whatever your need for smoke is, Enola Gaye has your back covered‰ۡÌÝ_.and also most probably your team!

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