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Empire Scion Paintball Hopper - Smoke


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Empire Scion Paintball Hopper

  • Infrared Break Beam activation
  • New drive cone for more consistent feeding; based off the successful Z2 loader design
  • Self Monitoring Drive Speed, similar to the logic used on the Z2 loader
  • Saves battery life
  • Prevents ‰ۡÌÝ?Pop-corning‰ۡó? of balls
  • More consistent feeding, so the marker is never starved of paintballs
  • Auto Jam Clearance
  • Scion senses a jammed paintball and reverses to clear the jam
  • 6 Adjustable speed settings
  • Tool-less Battery Door
  • Includes a Rip Drive for manual advance or reverse of the ball stack
  • Integrated Freeway Anti-Jam
  • Works very well with Reballs
  • Compatible with standard Halo accessories and shells, such as the Quick Load lid

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