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Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun - Dark Blue/Silver




The Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun takes the incredibly popular and trend-setting Mini marker and updates it for today‰۪s game and player expectations. The body has been re-designed for a more streamlined and weight-saving shape while retaining the classic Mini profile and size. The foregrip features a new rubber housing and button membranes for improved weatherproofing of the electronics. The Mini GS utilizes only two screw sizes for easier maintenance and adjustment throughout the entire marker. The ASA/ regulator unit is smaller and now incorporates an on/ off lever for easier de-gassing and less destroyed O-rings.


The Empire Mini GS Paintball Marker features include:

  • New Delrin Trigger Bushing - A self-lubricating bushing produces the smoothest Mini trigger pull on the planet
  • TougheråÊClamping Feed Neck - A new lighter and stronger glass-filled nylon composite feed neck complete with aluminum clamping lever virtually eliminates breakage.
  • Microswitch Trigger Activation - The Mini GSåÊreplaces the Hall Effect system with a player-recommended microswitchåÊfor faster speed and trigger feel.
  • New Rubber Grips - TheåÊEmpire GS Mini'såÊforegrip cover and re-designed trigger frame grip allow superior marker handling.
  • New Regulator/ ASA - The Mini GSåÊmarkeråÊfeatures a loweråÊprofile regåÊcomplete withåÊlever actionåÊOn/ OffåÊAir Source Adapter to save the o-ring during de-gassing.
  • Moisture- Resistant Board and Housing - New rubber membranes over the board's foregrip housing and buttons preventåÊrain from frying the sealed board.
  • New 2 Screw Size Design - No more hunting for the right Allen key; the entire marker uses two hex key sizes for all assembly and adjustments.
  • Classic Mini Compatibility - The Empire Mini GS marker can still utilize all of the classic Invert Mini bolts, springs and other internal upgrades and accessories.

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