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Empire Invert Mini S.E. Paintball Marker - Polished Grey/Red




The Empire Mini Paintball Gun revolutionized what it means for a marker to be small and light! Originally known as the Invert Mini Paintball Gun, the Mini introduced ground-breaking features that redefined what affordable high performance can be. Weighing less than 2 pounds, the Empire Mini utilizes internal air lines for a sleek, no external hose profile that all other high end markers soon copied. The Pressure Controlled Poppet operating system, Slipstream Solenoid, and Break Beam Anti-Chop Eyes allow the Mini to achieve over 20+ Balls Per Second thanks to its programmable board located in the fore grip low (160-200 psi) operating pressure. The pre-set regulator/ ASA combined with the easy access internals makes the Empire Mini one of the easiest performance markers to maintain.


The Empire Invert Mini Paintball Marker... fast, light and tiny!


Empire Mini features include:

- Weighs under 2 pounds (including barrel and 9 volt battery)

- Maximum rate of fire 20+ balls per second

- Great air efficiency; 1200+ shots from a 68/4500 HPA tank

- Over 100,000 shots per battery

- Pressure Controlled Poppet valve system for smooth consistency

- Internal air̴Ì_routing for no external macro lines

- Integrated regulator ASA

- Break beam anti-chop eyes

- Multiple programmable fire modes with tournament lock

- Adjustable magnetic return trigger with Hall Effect sensor

- Clamping feed neck

- Autococker barrel threads

- Uses compressed air/ HPA only!

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