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Echo1 Stag-15 RIS Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun - JP-12




An exact replica of the famous assault rifle that is in use with the U.S.
Military today. The working charging handle give this gun a realistic action
that even higher priced guns like Classic Army does not have. Pre-installed with
a R.I.S. system which allows the operator to mount accessories like flashlights,
lasers, fore grips, etc. The R.I.S. also includes a PEQ box that accommodates
large batteries for extended operating time. ECHO 1 AEGs are fully upgradeable
and compatible with most external and internal after-market parts. This airsoft
gun includes a metal hi-capacity magazine and is also compatible with other
major brands of standard and high capacity magazines. This gun is a must buy for
those looking for a well priced starter gun. By Law, ALL Airsoft guns sold by
ActionVillage.com will come with at least 1/4 inch of the barrel tip permanently
colored in blaze orange.

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