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Dye Ultralite Paintball Barrel Back- .688 Dust Titanium




The extremely sought after Titanium barrel backs have returned! Now with an updated dust finish! Available in .688 bore size.

Titanium is just as strong as Stainless Steel, but over 45% lighter! Titanium is significantly more difficult to machine and hone than stainless steel or aluminum, making this barrel a marvel in precision machining technology. Every Titanium barrel back is precision glass blasted and honed with a proprietary process that yields a 6-micron, mirror finish that is the most accurate and consistent finish available in the industry. The Multi Stage Precision Honing removes all imperfections in the alloy's surface, ensuring the least amount of air turbulence and drag on the ball.

The alloy is so hard that if there is dust or sand in the barrel, sparks will disperse from the barrel upon propulsion of a paintball!

This is a piece of paintball nostalgia, and they won't be around for long. Get yours today!

The Dye Ultralite barrel is popular favorite of the top pros today. The Ultralite is chosen for its all aluminum light weight advatage. It is also a very popular custom barrel because its aluminum construction offers the ability to be anodized to match any gun color. It is made with the same precision quality that you can expect from Dye as the leader in barrel manufacturing. Available in red, blue, clear, or classic black. ̴Ì_Mix and match backs and tips for any situation or look. All backs come in .688 bore size.

  • Micro-honed perfection equals perfection in accuracy
  • Threaded at a compound angel to ensure perfect alignment every time
  • This item is the back only

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