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Dye T1 Bjorn Snowboard Goggles w/ Additional Lens - Smoke Silver Polarized

SKU: 590-104-0076



Additional Rose Silver lens included.

The Dye T1 goggle frame is the perfect blend of style, performance and functionality. Our design team started with a proprietary lightweight thermoplastic frame and engineered it with flexibility for a medium/ large fit.

Polarized: Contain a special filter that blocks out intense light reflections from surfaces like snow. This is a great feature for people with light sensitivity, or those seeking a versatile Sunny-Stormy lens option.

Dyetanium: Several different lens coatings are applied to the lens to work with its base tint to reduce glare and balance light transmission.

4D Coating: Permanent Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch coatings are applied to both sides of the lens and to add performance and longevity.

Spherical Polycarbonate Lens The injected thermal lens provides 100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection and is optically corrected for superior clarity. T1 lenses are 4D Coated with permanent Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch coatings for performance and longevity.

Helmet Compatible Strap Points: The attachment points are placed farther back on the frame to expand your peripheral vision and ensure pressure is evenly distributed across your face with or without a helmet.

Flexible Lightweight Frame: 85% frame less design provides a greater field of vision with unmatched peripheral on a medium/large fit goggle. Attached to the frame is dual density foam that gives you a more customized fit.

360̴åÁ Venting: Our frame has venting surrounding the frame for maximum breathability and airflow throughout the goggle. The thermal lens also has a permanent Anti-Fog coating and these two features combined create the ultimate fog defense.

Quick Clip Lens Attachment: The Quick Clip attachments give you the ability to change your lenses quickly and effortlessly to match the conditions as they change on the mountain.

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