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Defcon Detonator - Kelly Green - Men's Gloves - X Small

SKU: 567-384-0033




  • Deftex - 8,000 / 5,000GM2, State of the art waterproof / windproof /
    breathable fabric, Oxford nylon with a micro porous coating repels water and
    wind while unwanted body moisture is expelled for a dry, comfortable hand
    protection system in any condintion
  • Defgrip - Palm Reinforcement, Highly abrasion resistant polyurethane grip
    material insures durability and maximum dexterity.
  • DFX - Seamless Insert, Constructed without seams to be guaranteed
    leak-proof, forming a second barrier of defense
  • Twin Blade - Goggle Squeegee, Cuts frost off the lens of the goggles
  • Kung-Fu Grip - Pre curve finger construction
  • Sveltveetah Nose Wipe - Super soft and supple, won't scratch goggle lens or
    chafe nostrils
  • Teflon - Durable water repellency, special treatment applied to the fabricto
    ensure that all outside moisture and soils bead on the fabric instead of
    penetrating your hand protection system.
  • Retropile - Woolly Goat-boy Fleece, One-half inch thick, Effectively traps
    body heat providing super warm protection for you digits

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