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Custom Products HPA Fill Station Base Unit




The new Custom Products HPA Fill Station is smaller, more customizable, less maintenance, and less expensive than anything else currently on the market. So whether you are a startup field on a budget, an established field planning to expand, or a simply a field/store that needs to replace old, leaky or high-maintenance fill stations, we have the answer! We recognize that not everyone needs the same setup, so this fill station has been designed with the flexibility to deliver the features you need.

  • Unregulated, so whatever input pressure you send to fill station is what you get out of it. Can handle up to 5000psi.
  • Knob is engraved with on/off arrows to make it super user-friendly. Just a half turn to fill, very smooth operation. Airflow shuts off when you let go of knob. When knob is off, fill station purges air in the fill whip.
  • Bottom has 2 holes for mounting, or you can use the mounting plate option. So small and lightweight that you could even mount it vertically on a wall.
  • Low maintenance, uses durable captured Teflon orings. Easy drop-in replacements so rebuild can be accomplished quickly without having to mess with tiny orings.
  • 2 input and 2 output ports so it can be either stand-alone or cascade system.
  • Sold separately, so you can customize as needed: fill whip, high pressure quick disconnect, gauge
  • Patent pending on base unit. Made in USA.

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