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Custom Products Full Bore Barrel Kit




This barrel kit is on sale for a limited time only! This is a great Custom Products Barrel Kit. You get a complete barrel kit for a fraction of the price of other Barrel Kits. The CP barrel kit includes 5 different size bore backs so you can fit any type of size of paint. This is the reason behind the Custom Products barrel kits; to give you the best accuracy, consistency and efficiency for your gun. The CP Barrel kit is available in a total of 16 different colors and is available in 7 different threads. The CP barrel kit is a great buy and will get your game on the right track. This kit includes: 5 Control Bore Barrel Backs (.682, .685, .689, .693, .696) 2 CP Classic Barrel Tips (14" & 16")*NOTE* The picture is for illustration purposes only. The color may vary slightly due to the anodizing process. The color may be darker or lighter than what is pictured. *NOTE*

  • CP Barrel Kit - 5 Barrel Backs - .682, .685, .689, .693, .696
  • CP Barrel Kit - 2 Barrel Tips - 14 & 16"

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