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Custom Products Dovetail ASA - Silver




This is the standard CP Dovetail ASA. This CP ASA is very easy to install on any dovetail Paintball Rail. The Standard CP ASA does not have an on off valve or bleed valve. The ASA slides directly onto the rail and the rail clamps it in place with its locking mechanism. The CP ASA has two air output holes so you can either install your macroline fitting on the right or left side of the ASA. The other side of the CP ASA has a plug that is included which keeps everything sealed up. The CP ASA will gas up your paintball gun when the tank is screwed into the gun and will degas when the tank is unscrewed. With this standard version of the CP ASA there is no way for you to leave your tank screwed into the gun with the marker not being gassed up.


  • CP ASA - Dual ports
  • CP ASA - Low profile design
  • CP ASA - Works with all dovetail rails

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