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Custom Products CP Cocker Ball Detent - Pewter




Check out the CP Cocker Ball Detent. This Cp Cocker Detent is very easy to install on your gun and will give your gun some style. The main reason you would need to purchase the CP Cocker Ball Detent is if your gun is double feeding paintballs or if you are breaking a lot of paint. This cocker ball detent is a direct cause of that problem. If the cocker detned has a lot of dirt and debris it will cause the ball stopper inside to either sieze in the back or forward position causing the gun not to work properly. The CP version of the Cocker ball detent has a delrin ball instead of the noraml stainless steel ball. This helps the Cocker Ball Detent to be easier on paint. NOTE: Works with any WGP, ANS, or aftermarket Cocker style markers.


  • CP Autococker Ball Detent - CNC machined
  • CP Cocker Ball Detent - Delrin Ball (easy on paint)
  • CP Cocker Ball Detent - Looks great on your gun
  • CP Cocker Ball Detent - Available in a ton of colors

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