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Custom Products CP Angel PRE 2005 Ball Detents - Blue




The CP Angel Ball detent is a must have for the Angel paintball guns. The CP angel Ball Detent works will all Angel paintball guns that are the pre 2k5 versions.

The Stylish CP Angel Ball detent is very easy to install and comes in a variety of colors. The inside of the detent is a delrin ball with a spring behind it. This keeps your paintball gun from double feeding paintballs into the breech.

If your gun is experiencing these problems or you just want to replace your dirty stock detent, go with the CP Angel Ball Detent. Get Your Angel Ball Detent Now!

NOTE: Only works Angels before 2005.

  • CP Angel Ball Detent - Works with all Angel Guns before 2005
  • CP Angel Ball Detent - Inexpensive
  • CP Angel Ball Detent - Works Great, You will never have problems

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