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Custom Products CP Angel G7 45 Trigger - Dust Red




Unmatched speed and reliability. The Roller bearings in the Angel G7 Trigger provide a smooth consistency every player is looking for. Increase your firing rate and start making a difference for your team today. ̴Ì_The CP Angel G7 Trigger is very easy to install and feels a lot better than the stock trigger. ̴Ì_The Angel G7 Trigger will not wear and is a perfect fit in the gun. ̴Ì_The Angel G7 Trigger removes the side to side movement of the stock trigger and feels Great. ̴Ì_Get your Trigger Today.

This trigger is for the 45̴åÁ frame only

*NOTE* The picture is for illustration purposes only. The color may vary slightly due to the anodizing process. The color may be darker or lighter than what is pictured. *NOTE*

  • Angel G7 Trigger - Ball bearings
  • Angel G7 Trigger - Sturdy construction
  • This trigger is for the 45̴åÁ frame only

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